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The cost of steel cores for diamond core drills and blades is quite high. After complete wear of diamond segments there is always an economic benefit from their subsequent retipping.

This function is performed by the ADTnS service centers.
You only need to send the core drill to the address of the service center, then we take care of everything.
Retipping of diamond tools includes diagnostics, removal of worn out parts, soldering of new segments, leveling, quality control.

In ADTnS service centers, all these operations are performed on the most modern equipment by high-class certified specialists.
The soldering of the segments is carried out exclusively by the induction method of heating on the Dr. FRITSCH equipment. 
All processes from the acceptance of the tools to shipment are performed automatically.

Retipping takes place as soon as possible.
ADTnS service - is a service for satisfied customers.

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