Incredible drilling speed
at an affordable price

New RS7 core drills. Carefully selected composition of the bond. Despite the use of
affordable components, the bond and diamonds provide a very fast drilling speed.
And all of this at an affordable price.

Arranged diamonds
Proven reliability.

Wall saw blades RS-X. Arranged diamond segments take equal loads. This allows
you to work with stable performance indicators with the most complex materials -
highly-reinforced concrete, hydraulic cement.

Feel the power of the RS-M blade
Impressive speed

The aggressive shape of the segments, in combination with the progressive composition
of the bond, actively cuts into the concrete, and easily passes the reinforcements. The
hardened steel core with laser-welded segments withstands heavy loads during cutting.


Diamond drilling

Wall cutting

Diamond cutting

Diamond grinding

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About our brand

ADTnS is an advanced diamond technologies and service. First of all, it is diamond tools for industrial use in construction. The basis of the assortment is made for solutions in drilling of reinforced concrete, cutting of reinforced concrete by wall saws, power cutters and floor saws. In addition to the ready tool, ADTnS offers replacement segments for drilling, wall saws and other blades, as well as retipping services.

The main principles of TM ADTnS products are high-performance and fast work with the best economic indicators. This is achieved through the use of special diamonds and other high-quality components produced by world suppliers in the industry, as well as the best technical solutions by first-class engineers of the company.

Products of TM ADTnS - impeccable quality and advanced technology based on innovation and unique developments. We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved, we are constantly improving our diamond tools and launching new products on the market that will help make your work even more efficient, profitable, safe and convenient.