ADTnS Company offers you a premium class diamond tools. The product range of the trade mark includes diamond cutting discs, diamond drills, diamond front cutters, diamond wires. Diamond tools production on the manufacturing plant corresponds to the up-to date demands of quality and safety standards of diamond tools that are said in the name of ADTnS Advanced diamond technologies and service. With innovation strategy in diamond tools designing we are manufacturing products that overcome traditional diamond tools.

Besides manufacturing and shipment of the finished tools, our representatives also offer you a recovering service for diamond segmented discs and core bits, as well as diamond wire saws.  Diamond tools recovering is a real possibility to get more result for less money.

Diamond discs for concrete cutting as well as wire saws of ADTnS trade mark will let you to perform the demounting construction works on a higher level providing a stable high efficiency with rather long lifetime. Cutting tools for concrete are represented with discs for hand-held angle grinders, discs for gasoline cutters and furrow cutters, disc saws for wall cutters, diamond wires (wire saws).

The product range of ADTnS TM is a wide range of tools for drilling and grinding of concrete and building materials. Diamond drills (drilling bits) are widely applicable in performing of communication lines (holes drilling, blind socket holes drilling) and in ventilation equipment mounting. The grinding tools for hand-held angle grinders and MGM (mosaic-grinding machines) are represented by diamond front cutters of our trade mark. Diamond front cutters for ANGLE GRINDERS are designed for rough grinding and for finish polishing of concrete and natural stones surfaces. Front cutters for MOSAIC GRINDING MACHINES are used in sets of 6 pieces when making technological concrete surfaces (slush floor).

Diamond discss for stone cutting satisfy any demands of stone processors. With a wide range of application, cutting discs for stones of TM ADTnS allow processing different categories of granite, marble, sandstone, and other natural stones.




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